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Intumescent flame retardant IFR201B

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IFR201B TDS    PDF Format


Brief Description

        ZHUOAN  macromolecular intumescent flame retardant,which is exclusively used for fireproof coating, is synthetised by common chemical raw materials,such as,acid resource,carbon resource,and gas resource.During producing,you just need to add a little additive,besides,it is environmental protection.

Mainly features

The advantages of IFR 201B

NO. catalogue classic system IFR 101A
1 Material three raw materials,such as,ammonium polyphosphate, pentaerythritol and melamine A single component.So it can effectively save time and manpower.
2 Balling mill time Because of three different fineness of raw materials,it needs 60-100 minutes to achieve uniform mixing.It is higher power consumption About 400 mesh in all,which can greatly reduce the milling time (only needs 25-40 minutes), saving energy and reducing resource costs. 
3 Adding
40-50% 26-35%
4 Product Performance  Many types materials,so it is not stable enough, and will migrate the durability.  Single component, high molecular weight, good compatibility with the substrate, good durability, excellent flame retardant effect, stable performance, which can ensure the fireproof performance is less affected by the flame retardant.
5 The product cost  The price is slightly lower, but the additive amount is large, so the cost of coating increased, more milling time , more power consumption. Slight higher for price , but the amount far less, so the entire coating can be flat or lower; Milling time is short,energy savings is slight.


       As an raw of material,it is suitable for all kinds of water-based fire retardant coating (ultra-thin steel fire-retardant coating, thin steel fire-retardant coating, cable fire retardant coating, decorative fire-retardant coating, etc.)and PP / PE plastic flame retardant 


No. Inspection item Technical requirements
1 moisture <0.7
2 fineness ≥95%
3 bulk density <11.0ml
4 nitrogen(N) >16.0
5 phosphorus(P) >11.0



woven PE bag, 25kg / bag, 18bags/pallet,

Attention:12 months minimum at 25℃(77℉). Subject to re-inspection thereafter. Store in dry,shaded conditions away from sources of heat and ignition.

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