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Definition and classification of fire resistant coatings.

Source:Zhuoantech Sentiment:Published time:2018-04-01

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Welcome to visit zhuoan technology fireproof paint factory, zhuoan technology focus on fireproof coating&fire retardant for 6 years, provide systemic fire retardant solution!  Main products: wood structure fire retardant coating, decorative fire retardant coating, non-halogen environmental expansion flame retardant.
Definition: fireproof coating is applied on the base material surface to make the base material have the fireproofing function, or enhance the fire resistant capacity of base material.
Aliases: fire-retardant paint, fire retardant, decorative fire retardant paint, wood structure fire retardant coating, steel structure fire retardant coating, etc.
Basis of Classification Grade 1 Basis of Classification Grade 2
Classified by different base materials Steel structure fireproof paint Classified by application scenarios Indoor Steel structure fireproof paint
Outdoor Steel structure fireproof paint
Classified by paint thickness Cementitious Steel structure fireproof paint
Thin Steel structure fireproof paint
Ultra-thin Steel structure fireproof paint
Wood structure fireproof paint Classified by decorative effect Transparent wood structure fireproof paint
decorative wood structure fireproof paint
Tunnel fireproof paint    
Fireproof paint for cable    
Classified by dispersion medium Solvent based paint    
Water based paint    
Classified by components Intumescent paint    
Non-intumescent paint    
Classified by film forming substance Organic fireproof paint    
Inorganic fireproof paint    
Organic - inorganic compound fire retardant coating