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Flame retardant industry promotes low-smoke, non-toxic resea

Source:Zhuoantech Sentiment:Published time:2018-04-01

It is reported that the flame retardant production and application experienced a vigorous development in the early eighties, and it has entered a steady development stage.The global consumption of flame retardants exceeds 1.5 million tons, of which 85% are additive flame retardants and 15% are reactive flame retardants. The United States, Western Europe and Japan are the world's three major flame retardant market. Among them, the United States accounts for 40% of the total global market, about 30% in Western Europe and about 20% in Japan. During the period 1989-1998, average annual growth rates of flame retardants in the United States, Western Europe and Japan were 2.8% -3.6%, 3% -4% and 3.8%, respectively. During the period, the global average annual growth rate of flame retardants was about Is 3.5% -4%.
  Flame retardant in the future development trend has three major components:
1. The use and development of brominated flame retardants are limited, but there is still room for development. So far, brominated flame retardants are the largest amount of flame-retardant polypropylene flame-retardant varieties.The market size and application areas are also the first long-term Xiongju various types of flame retardants, brominated flame retardants outstanding sexual. The price ratio is unmatched by other flame retardants.
However, Considering human health and environmental protection considerations, some of the experimental results have now been made, and people have taken a more cautious approach to the use of brominated flame retardants. Some developed countries are jointly carrying out a comprehensive risk assessment of five major brominated flame retardants. The assessment results will have a huge impact on the future production and application of brominated flame retardants. It is expected that most brominated flame retardants will continue to be widely used in the future for many regions in the world and their output will maintain a growth rate of about 3% -4% in the next few years. The total market share will gradually reduce and the same is true of the domestic situation. In polypropylene flame retardant applications, the development of some unique properties, little pollution of the modified brominated flame retardants still have some room for development.
2. Halogen-free flame-retardant polypropylene will be the main development direction in the future. Flame-retardant non-halogenated polypropylene process mainly thanks for inorganic flame retardants and organic nitrogen, phosphorus flame retardants and related technology development. The development and application of related technologies such as ultrafine, microencapsulation, surface treatment, synergism and have improved the defects of poor processability of inorganic flame retardants and the use of materials, and have made unprecedented progress in inorganic flame retardants.
3.Polypropylene flame retardant efficient, low smoke, low toxicity trend With the continuous expansion of PP applications and the growing "green" calls, people put forward higher requirements for flame-retardant polypropylene products.In conclusion,it is efficient, low smoke, non-toxic. Therefore, the use of compound technology, smoke technology and other research and development of new composite flame retardants, improving the flame retardant properties of polypropylene materials,also reducing the amount of material combustion and toxic gas volume are as the future of flame retardant polypropylene research and development One of the key research topics