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Yanling wood structure industry fair has concluded and Sichu

Source:Zhuoantech Sentiment:Published time:2018-04-01

On August 19th -20th, 2016 China (Yanling) ecotourism resources and the wooden house caravan camping industry docking conference was held ceremoniously Sichuan Zhuo'an New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.as a co-organizer was present in the Fair.
At the fair,the company adapt "Zhuo'an as the theme for the first time that officially disclosed to the outside world to promote the protection and heritage of architectural culture.Zhuo'an fire-retardant transparent fire retardant wood coatings products have passed the national quality supervision of fire building materials Inspection center testing, B1 flame retardant level. The official release of the test results proved that our company is as the national Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development "fire-retardant coatings for building timber" industry standard preparation unit strength once again,comprehensively promoting the building of cultural protection and heritage and contributing to greater power.
Note: Zhuo'an wood flame-retardant transparent coating has previously passed a series of tests,such as,the appearance is as a "colorless, homogeneous liquid without impurities," the free formaldehyde was 0.33%, volatile organic compounds (VOC) <2g / L, which far exceeded the qualified level.
There is another product test results for the first appearing:the Zhuo'an weather resistant paint, the product is a upgrade product of wood oil, wood wax oil, weather resistant performance is far more than the latter. This kind of product weather resistant is up to 8 to 10 years,so it can solve  many weather problems encountered in the past.
The fair agenda has lasted for two days. During this period, delegates from Zhuo'an and all the participating companies had deeper exchanges and had a deeper understanding of each other's companies and industries. The Fair for Zhuo'an flame retardant technology in the wood structure industry has played a significant role in promoting.It is grateful to the China Timber Protection Industry Association, China Timber Industry Alliance and Yanling County Tourism Bureau organizers support for our work ! At the same time it is also very grateful to all the industry elites who came to the Fair!