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Close factory;Arise price;Investigate everything for four mo

Source:Zhuoantech Sentiment:Published time:2018-04-01

Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed that enterprises that can not upgrade their emissions standards will be closed before the end of September this year. The State Administration of Work Safety Administration also announced a large inspection of production safety from July to October. China's 34 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities will be "inspected" for their ceramics and sanitary wares. None of them will be spared! At this point, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, SAWT fight zero tolerance start governance once again.The industry said that the 2017 led to price increasing more than raw material prices soaring and price tide.In fact, there are dozens of factors.The current number of ceramic producing areas and upstream suppliers are shut down remediation! Some experts said that the second half of this year will be the most cruel ceramic industry and household reshuffle for six months.Ceramics and home industry is not only continuous rounds of price increases, but not necessarily rich ah!
Environmental supervision will not stop,key inspections to the end
Quickly see when to start checking your plant?
July-August Inspection focus: inspect whether having completed the discharge of sewage permits by the end of June; "elevated source"will monitor equipment installation, networking and operation automatically and discharge of industrial pollution standards.
Inspection focus in September : by the end of September, the government will limit all coal-fired boilers in urban areas to implement emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate air pollutants to implement special emission.The related department investigate and deal with excessive discharge according to the law,and inspect whether having completed of peak-shifting production plans and list preparation in all parts of the country.Failing to implement peak-peak production in key industries should be checked and approved according to the assigned tasks and approval or filing in accordance with the "Work Plan" requirements.
Inspection focus after October:
(A) "Small scattered messy" enterprises could be banned by the end of October;
(2) The completion of phase-out of 10 coal-fired boilers of steaming tonnage and below, and the large stoves and small commercial stoves before the end of October;
(3) The implementation of special emission limits for atmospheric pollutants of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emitted from coal-fired boilers;
(D) Of the iron and steel, cement and other industries permit the issuance of permits;
(E) Discharge of industrial pollution standards.