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flame retardant for textile IFR300

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IFR300  TDS    PDF format


Brief Description

        IFR300 macromolecular intumescent flame retardant, which is exclusively used for textile, is synthetised by common chemical raw materials.

Mainly features

1) uniform foam, good carbon layer strength;   
2) customized fineness;
3) ball milling time is short;     
4) fire performance is stable;
5) a single component,which sets acid, carbon, gas source as one;   
6) the synthesis process is simple, reliable quality;


       It applies to the field for fabric,rubber and fiber.


No. inspection project technical requirements
1 Moisture ≤0.8%
2 Fineness(800 mesh) ≥95%
3 Bulk density ≤0.8 g/ml
4 Nitrogen (N) ≥9.8%
5 Phosphorus (P) ≥11.0%



woven PE bag, 25kg / bag, 18bags/pallet,

Attention:12 months minimum at 25℃(77℉). Subject to re-inspection thereafter. Store in dry,shaded conditions away from sources of heat and ignition.

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