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Water based weather-resistant paint ZOAN302

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Production introduction

        ZOAN water based weather-resistant paint series is made as per advanced process and formulation, it has weatherability, color retention, strong adhesion function. It is widely used on indoor&outdoor wooded substrate surface, such as wood structure, polywood, lamber, etc. 

Production features

1) excellent weather resistance capacity (up to 10 years);
2) excellent color retention;
3) strong adhesion;
4) good flowing property and convenient construction;

Scope of Application

       It is widely used on indoor&outdoor wooded substrate surface, such as wood structure, polywood, lamber, etc.

Technical parameter

Product name weather-resistant paint Brand name ZOAN
Model ZOAN302 Dry thickness 0.2-0.25mm
Appearance Transparent liquid
Package 10kg/barrel,20kg/barrel Shelf time 6 months
non-volatile matter 42.6% Adhesion force Level 1
anti yellowing 0.9 Application dosage 0.15kg/㎡
Surface dry time 45min Hard dry time 24h
Application method Spray , brush , roller


Application process

1)clean the substrate surface
2)stir well the paint
3)apply the paint on substrate surface, and ensure the coating is even and smooth.



1、about application

1)the substrate surface should be free of dust, oil and other impurity
2)Construction environment temperature needs be more than 5℃
3)brush 2-3times, each brushing thickness is 0.3mm, the total brushing thickness is 0.7mm. Total dry thickness is 0.2-0.25mm
4)If the viscosity is not suitable, add some water to adjust
5)the suggested dosage is 8m2 /kg

2、about storage

1)the stack height is less than 4 layers
2)seal the unused paint to avoid exposure
3)During storage and transportation, avoid rain, exposure, pressure and inversion.

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