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Flame retardant for wood IFR401

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IFR401  TDS    PDF Format


Brief introduction

 IFR401 is a water-based inorganic flame retardant,a amorphous white crystalline powder,which doesn’t consist of halogens and heavy metals.
During using,the fireproofed wood products have long-lasting flame-retardant properties, no heat, light decomposition, no hydrolysis and loss, low moisture absorption, dimensional stability, and their physical and technological properties are not affected.Besides,tactile and regulatory environmental characteristics are also basically the same as the original wood.

Mainly features

1) Low smoke and smoke suppression.
2) Highly effective flame retardant.
3) Halogen-free, non-toxic, in line with international requirements for environmental protection.
4) High flame retardant rating.


It is suitable for all kinds of wood-related materials such as wood, wood products, furniture, plywood, particle board etc.


1,The ratio of the flame retardant to water is generally 1:3—1:3.5,
2,the flame retardant liquid can be obtained by mixing and stirring uniformly.

Attention:Using a high-strength flame retardant coating,if the wood is difficult flame-retardant.  

Operation method

1) Generally, you can impregnate, spray, brush and other simple methods for flame retardant treatment to obtain fire-retardant wood;
2) When the requirement of flame retardant effect is high,you can use full cell method.
The first step:
1) Ensuring the wood moisture content is 11% -20%;
2) Blending fire retardant liquid: using 50-70 kg flame retardant for 1m³; With proportion of flame retardant:water (1:3—1:3.5)  Attention: (flame retardant agglomeration is normal and quality is unaffected);
3) Preparation for fire-retardant wood equipment
The second step: Putting the wood into a treatment tank
The third step :keeping the flame retardant in the tank while it is in vacuity
Step 4: Opening the sealed can, removing the treated wood, and drying it to obtain a fire-retardant wood. (You can pressurize twice,if the wood structure is difficult to deal)
1)producing fire retardant plywood
If the veneer is not thick, it can be directly impregnated, dried, coated (preferably you add flame retardant into the glue before the fusion test.) embryos pre-compression and sanding
2) producing flame retardant MDF
The production process is unchanged,you can utilize the original density board production line.One cubic meter of fiberboard requires 50-70 kilograms of flame retardant and it can be added to the fiber or glue.
3)producing flame retardant particleboard
Firstly, the particle board is to be impregnated,which is the same as that of the fire-retardant liquid of the flame-retardant wood. The impregnated wood shavings are dried, and then are produced according to the process of the particle board.Then,you mix the flame retardant with glue directly onto the shavings. (This method requires better adaptability of flame retardant and glue).


woven PE bag, 25kg / bag, 18bags/pallet,

Attention:12 months minimum at 25℃(77℉). Subject to re-inspection thereafter. Store in dry,shaded conditions away from sources of heat and ignition.

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