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wood structure transparent fire proof paint

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Product description

         Zhuoan transparent flame retardant coating is developed by new formulation and new advanced technology. It integrates decorative effect and fireproof function. It is particularly suitable for wooden structure&lumber&osb&polywood&fiberwood. it could be directly applied on the wood surface without covering up the wood grains. When the coating is under fire attack, it expands to form a uniform honeycomb layer, which can delay the spread of fire and gain valuable time for fire fighting.

Product features

Transparent&fireproof: high transparency without covering up base material appearance
Mildew proof&termite proof
Easy to use: support spraying, brushing, roller
Good adhesion force: hard to produce peeling
Strong resistance against thermal deformation:good elasticity, no crack or peeling at high/low temperature;
Stable chemical properties

Scope of application

It is suitable for all kinds of wooden structure of historical relics and finished wooden buildings, hotels, theaters, entertainment venues, ship, computer room and other public facilities construction .


Product name wood structure transparent flame retardant coating
Product appearance A component: colorless transparent liquid;
B component: brown and translucent liquid
Product package 25kg/set Fireproof rating >15mins/0.3mm thickness
Fire proof  level National standard B1 level Adhesive force 2 level
Insect-resistant level 10 level Construction usage  2 ~ 3 ㎡ / kg
Surface drying time 15 ~ 30 minutes Hard drying time 2.5 ~ 3 hours
Shelf time 6 months Application method brush/spray/roller   

Method of operation

1) clean the substrate surface;
2) slowly add the B component into A component by specific ratio;
3) mix the A and B components evenly;
4) smoothly brush the coating on the substrate surface.

Construction considerations: to ensure the best effect of this product, please pay attention to the following points:

1) the surface of the substrate must be cleaned before construction. If the base material has been painted, it shall be depainted or polished by 600 mesh size waterproof abrasive paper
2) every paint execution should be 0.05 ~ 0.1mm thickness, execution interval time 2 ~ 4 hours. if the climate is humid , need to extend the time of next paint execution to ensure the previous execution get enough hard drying effect . In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the coating is smooth in the construction.
3) the theoretical dosage of the transparent coating is 500g/㎡.  After the undercoat become thoroughly dry, two layers top coat needs to be done to ensure smooth, beauty and weather resistance . Construction environment temperature needs be among  5-30 ℃, relative humidity needs below 50%.

Storage considerations

1) storage temperature 5-30 ℃, shelf life is six months.
2) avoiding rain, heat, pressure and inversion during storage and transportation.

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