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Decorative fire-retardant coating

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Product introduction

        Zhuo'an decorative fire-retardant coating ZOAN200 is directly applied to the surface of wooden structure&lumber&osb&polywood&fiberwood. It integrates decorative effect and fireproof function. When the coating is under fire attack, it expands to form a uniform honeycomb layer, which can delay the spread of fire and gain valuable time for fire fighting. 
        Its main components are film-forming emulsion, phosphorus-nitrogen-carbon flame retardant materials, pigments and fillers, additives,etc. it has significant fireproofing effect, stable performance and the paint color can be customized

The scope of application

       It is widely used in industrial,civil buildings, high-rise buildings, scenic spots, hotels, theaters, temples, cultural and entertainment venues, ancient buildings of wood materials, fiberboard, particle board, etc. but not for metal surfaces.

Technical Parameters

Product Name Decorative fire-retardant coating brand name Zhuo'an
The appearance  
Usually white or gray without lumps, after mixing was uniform
Product packaging 10kg / barrel; Fireproof rating >15mins
Fireproof level National standard B1 level Adhesion level 2 level
Water resistance 24hours,no wrinkles,no peeling Fineness ≤ 90um
Flexible ≤ 3mm Construction dosage 2㎡ / kg
Touch dry time 15 ~ 30 minutes Hard dry time ≤ 2.5 ~ 3 hours
Application method brush/spray/roller

Construction requirements

1) Before construction, clean the floating dust, debris, etc. Paint should be fully mixed well before construction.
2) Application process: you can brush, spray or roller.Construction temperature should be above 5 ℃ . Avoid rain within 24 hours after construction.
3) The coating is generally painted two layers, if necessary,you can print three layers, then last procedure is execute top coat.After the first coating natural drying,you can carry out next painting.Each time painted surface can not have leakage .
4) The remaining unused paint should be sealed and stored for reuse.


1) This product can be applied by brushing, spraying and roller coating; flammable substrates moisture content should not exceed 12%. keep the air circulation to avoid dust;
2) Before construction: First of all, the flammable substrate surface must be smooth, strong, dry, dust-free, no oil stains&water stains and other contaminants. Secondly, the paint should be mixed evenly,if the paint is too thick, add some water.
3) Construction process: the first layer must be dry before the second layer execution. Make sure the coating no leakage, smooth surface and uniform color;
4) After the construction is completed: Hard dry time is generally 6 ~ 8 hours (affected by the ambient temperature and humidity), the thickness of the coating shall not be less than 0.3mm, so as not to affect the fireproof effect.

Packaging, transportation and storage

1) Packaging: 10kg / barrel, 20kg / barrel.
2) It can be transported as normal materials.
3) Storage temperature:5 ~ 35 ℃, not outdoor storage and exposure, it should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry conditions.
4) valid:six months.

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